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Best of 2004, Artforum, Top Ten, Pamela Lee
The Way We Work (Southern Exposure, San Francisco). "The group show has of late evolved into the "group" group show, as in the case of this provocative exhibition of international collectives curated by Courtney Fink. Indeed, this evolution has been accompanied by a change in the very nature of collectivity in art. Art historians often associate collectivism with the self assured polemics of the avant-garde- Futurism, Constructivism, and Surrealism. But artists` renewed efforts to collaborate today, whether by deploying the radio or the Internet, the archive (as in work here by United Net-Works) or the lowly placemat (Redyo), represent a real paradigm shift. The new projects communicate less artistic certainty than a precarious desire for connection in these dangerous days with what some might call the multitude."